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Young ChangeMakers

Young ChangeMakers (YCM) seeks to provide seed funding to individuals and informal youth groups, who are looking at organising short-term one-off community projects. The objectives of this scheme are to increase the number and diversity of youth involved in community projects; transform grant-making by empowering youth as decision-makers; and foster youth development through their involvement in both community work and grant-making.

To enhance learning to youths from both the informal groups and the youth panel, the grant will be bundled with non-financial support provided by the youth panellists. Support can be in the form of advice on fund-raising, marketing, licensing requirements and linkages to community organisations.


Young ChangeMakers Youth Panel

The panel of selected youths, aged 17-35 years old, who have been at the receiving end of seed funds, and also have the first-hand experience of writing grant proposals and making presentations to secure funding for their own community projects, are empowered to award the YCM seed grants to their peers in informal groups to pursue projects that benefit the community. This lends authenticity to the youth-for-youth scheme as they will be better positioned to provide mentorship and guidance to their peers that have just embarked on their community involvement.

Youths can be part of the national panel that decides on each applicant’s seed funding of up to $3,000. As a YCM panellist, youths get valuable experience and hone their leadership skills by being mentors, leaders and decision makers.

The Young ChangeMakers panel recruitment takes place in January every year. Youths interested to be part of the YCM panel can email us at for more details.


Young ChangeMakers Grant Application

The Young ChangeMakers (YCM) empowers youths by enabling them to turn their ideas into reality. With seed funding and support, many youths have stepped up to champion various causes and made a difference in their communities.


Young ChangeMakers Grant